• Up to $10M in primary coverage
  • Up to $15 million limits available
  • Will spread capacity over multiple attachment points

Customer Profile

  • Public and large private companies with at least $300 million in assets and 500 employees
  • All industries, including financial services, retail, and healthcare
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Excess Scope of Coverage

  • First Choice® Excess Liability form—a simplified form that lives up to the expectation of true “follow form” coverage
  • Blended excess coverage to meet the needs of large private companies
  • Ability to tailor terms and conditions to meet the needs of unique risks, including recognizing the erosion of underlying limits due to sublimits or loss payments made by insureds and other entities.


Joe Werner

Vice President
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Nationwide's dedicated claims team works proactively to complete a thorough investigation of every claim and aggressively manage the defense of claims to help protect your assets. Our dedicated claims team has the experience and technical expertise in numerous jurisdictions to manage professional liability claims and complex litigation.