• Up to $25 million available for Network Security, Privacy, Media, Breach Remediation Services and first party Data Loss and Business Income Loss

Customer Profile

  • All public and private U.S. companies across all industries and size classes, including exposures in Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Scope of Coverage

  • Single aggregate limit for all elected coverage options* (subject to underwriting review and approval)
  • Defense and settlement costs for claims made by third parties due to loss of sensitive third party information
  • Full-service breach remediation, including computer forensics, Breach Coaching, notification, credit monitoring and call center services
  • Computer System Interruption Loss
  • Cyber Extortion
  • First Party Data Asset Restoration Costs
  • Technology E&O
business partners

Coverage enhancement options including:

  • Regulatory Fines, Fees and Penalties, including PCI Assessments
  • No retention for notification costs
  • Dependent network business interruption coverage

Loss prevention services, including:

  • Security and compliance training
  • Network security vulnerability testing
  • Legal consultation
  • Industry specific policy wording options for focus industries


Timothy Nunziata

Vice President

Todd Szalkowski

Associate Vice President

Jessica Poppie

Senior Director

Loss Mitigation

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Nationwide's dedicated claims team works proactively to complete a thorough investigation of every claim and aggressively manage the defense of claims to help protect your assets. Our dedicated claims team has the experience and technical expertise in numerous jurisdictions to manage professional liability claims and complex litigation.