Primary Scope of Coverage

  • Most recent state-of-the-art Financial Institution Fidelity Bond Forms based on SFAA, including a new Computer Crime Policy
  • $15 million limits available. Up to $25 million on a program when needed, including on ERISA Bonds
  • Paper listed with the U.S. Treasury
  • Financial strength ratings consistently Superior A+ XV
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Excess Scope of Coverage

  • Follows primary policy, but no broader than the most restrictive underlying insurance policy
  • No exclusions; subject to underwriting
  • Policy will not drop down due to exhaustion of sublimits, but will recognize payment of sublimits
    • Can be amended to drop down excess of sublimits
  • Follows the underlying policy, designated as "Followed Policy," for key terms such as:
    • Cancellation
    • Discovery period
    • Notice of claims
  • Short policy form – only two pages in length


James Kardaras

Director – Crime & Fidelity

Bonnie Quinn

Senior Underwriter

Katie Messenger

Senior Underwriter
614-427-5202 / 774-289-4899


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Nationwide's dedicated claims team works proactively to complete a thorough investigation of every claim and aggressively manage the defense of claims to help protect your assets. Our dedicated claims team has the experience and technical expertise in numerous jurisdictions to manage professional liability claims and complex litigation.