Product Highlights

Three ReceivaSure forms — U.S. Domestic (including Canada), Export (outside North American) and Global (Domestic and Export) — are available through insurance brokers with a specialty in this line of business, and an end-to-end digital underwriting model capable of releasing most quotes within one business day.

Product Features

ReceivaSure provides protection for two primary areas.

business partners

Commercial Risks

  • Insolvency
  • Chapter 7, 11 or equivalent in county of domicile
  • Protracted default
  • Continued delinquency/inability to pay

Political Risks

  • Currency inconvertibility
  • Exchange transfer risk
  • Import/export embargo
  • License cancellation

Coverage is offered for domestic sales, export sales or "whole turnover" to protect all business-to-business customers and accounts receivable.


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About Waldorf Trade Risk, LLC

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Waldorf Trade Risk, LLC, an insurance technology company specializing in trade credit risk programs, offers accounts receivable insurance designed to help small- to medium-sized businesses avoid catastrophic losses by protecting and securing the company's accounts receivable from non-payment or late payment through ReceivaSure.